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Actual Antenna System


IK1MNJ' s Actual Antennas System   

Here picture of my actual Antenna set up, ( picture taken 16Jul06 ) wich consist of a multiband multielements Cubical Quad ( 5el. in 6/10/12m. , 4el. in 15/17/20m. on 33 foot boom lenght, and interlaced PKW 3el. full size Yagi for 30 and 3el. full size U Yagi for 40m. , The boom has been lengthened to 57 feet, due to the need to avoid interactions between interlaced elements and for the necessity to guying the elements, hardly visible the four square vertical dipoles array in 80m and inverted L for 160m.

This slideshow shows you the horizon in the direction of the four cardinal directions from my home QTH

Here a photo slideshow on my actual Antenna systems, Year 2011.

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