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About Me

Vitaly Fenev
P.O.Box 789
Nizhnevartovsk 628605

email  : ua9jba

I meet him by Email exchanges, I never had lucky time to meet him on the air, I hope in future, he's a good person, he works for a telecommunication company, and say to be became interested in Ham World around 1982 as SWL and licensed as UA9JBA in 1984,
He like DX' ing, DX Expedition, Digital Photography and traveling, He work every Year from 5/05 to 10/05 and in CQ-M contest,  in company of his Friends as RP9J from geo-centre of ex USSR, this place is a wild forest (Taiga), about 360km to NE from my QTH Nizhnevartovsk, well Vitaly, I hope be able to meet you first time on the air, Many Thanks for all.

Here some pictures about Vitaly UA9JBA.

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