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About Me

Insu Kan
448 Yachiyo-Chou Akitakata-Shi
Hirishima-Ken 731-0302

I meet Kan san first time in 40m. SSB 11Oct1999, from then one time in 17m. SSB and many times in 80m. SSB always very strong in to my 80m. four square dipoles array 59+20 even 30 db ( with such an antenna ) , every low band winter time DX'ing Khan san is there 3795 making pile up, is a pleasure listen to him, and say hallo to him, you did a great job with all your antenna farm expecially with that 5 el. 80m. Yagi on a hill ! perhaps the only one around the World !, congratulations Khan san, see you again down the log.

Here some pictures abot Kan 7J4AAL.

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